2481. A set of investments in stock market is called :

A. Portfolio *
B. Estimation
C. Asset
D. Security

2482. World bank headquarter is situated in :

A. New York
B. England
C. Washington *
D. Manila

2483. Where was the first atom bomb used during the second world war ?

A. Osaka
B. Tokyo
C. Hiroshima *
D. Nagasaki

2484. United Nation officially came into existence on :

A. 4th October 1945
B. 14th October 1945
C. 24th October 1945 *
D. 30th October 1945

2485. ‘Cathy pacific’ is the airline of :

A. Italy
B. Hong Kong *
C. India
D. France

2486. The currency of Syria is :

A. Dollar
B. Pound *
C. Peso
D. Dirham

2487. Maslow’s needs hierarchy’ theory relates to :

A. Motivation *
B. Leadership
C. Communication
D. Upward Mobility

2488. “Naples” is the seaport of :

A. United states
B. Italy *
C. Norway
D. England

2489. The capital of sweden is :

A. Stockholm *
B. Oslo
C. Tallinn
D. Christiania

2490. ‘BSS’ is the news agency of :

A. Bangladesh *
B. Belarus
C. Britain
D. Brunei