1931. The longest canal of the world is ___________.

A. Suez
B. Panama
C. Baltic
D. Beloye More *

1932. Patroness twin tower in Kualalumpur is the third highest building of the world . What is its height ?

A. 385 M
B. 452 M *
C. 436 M
D. 395 M

1933. Area wise which is the largest city of the world?

A. Kiruna (Sweden) *
B. Oslo (Norway)
C. Stuttgart ( Germany)
D. Tokyo (Japan)

1934. Which of the following is the largest Delta of the world?

A. Amazon
B. Indus
C. Sundarbans *
D. Nile

1935. Which is the largest Mosque of the World?

A. Shahi Mosque, Lahore
B. Jami Mosque, Delhi
C. Fisal Mosque, Islamabad
D. Masjid-al-Haram, Makkah *

1936. Which country has the longest Coast line ?

A. China
B. Russia
D. Canada *

1937. Kiruna ( Sweden) is the largest city by area, Which of the following is its area?

A. 7240 sq km
B. 9332 sq km
C. 8732 sq km *
D. 8160 sq km

1938. By Population which is the largest country of the world?

A. Russia
B. usa
C. Canada
D. China *

1939. Which is the biggest library in the world?

A. British Library (UK)
B. Lenin Library(Russia)
C. King abdul Aziz Library(Riyadh)
D. Library of Congress( USA) *

1940. Which is the biggest museum of the world?

A. Museum of washington
B. Delhi Museum
C. Cairo Museum
D. British Museum *