1641. Which of the following place is the place of worship o Buddhism?

A. Synagogue
B. Central shrine of Ise
C. Stopa *
D. Tao-te Ching

1642. Who was founder of Confuciansism?

A. Hinayana
B. Lao Tse
C. Kung Fu Tsu *

1643. Confucianism was founded in______.

A. 400 BC
B. 520 BC *
C. 2500 BC
D. 475 BC

1644. The Lun Yu is sacred book of which relegion ?

A. Taoism
B. Zorastraianism
C. Confucianism *
D. Shintoism

1645. Hinduism was founded how many year ago ?

A. 2000 BC
B. 1500 BC *
C. 2500 BC
D. 3000 BC

1646. Which of the following is the sacred book of Hinduism ?

A. Vedas
B. Upanishads
C. Ramayan
D. All of them *

1647. Moses( AS) Founder of Judaism was born in _________.

A. Jeruslem
B. Iraq
C. Egypt *
D. Jordan

1648. Judaism was founded in _______________.

A. 1000 BC
B. 1100 BC
C. 1300 BC *
D. 900 BC

1649. Torah is the relegious text of which religion ?

A. Judaism *
B. Christianity
C. Taoism
B. None of them

1650 . Synagogue is place of worship of which religion ?

A. Confucianism
B. Judaism *
C. Shintoism
D. Buddhism