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211. The capital of Bhutan is___________?

A. Minsk
B. Sarajevo
C. Thimphu
D. Brasillia

212. The Capital of Irealand is___________?

A. Asmara
B. Banjul
C. Paris
D. Dublin

213. The capital of Argentina is____________?

A. Canberra
B. Yervan
C. Luanda
D. Bunes Aires

214. The capital of Ecuador is___________?

A. Dili
B. Quito
C. San jose
D. Cairo

215. The capital of Ethiopia is____________?

A. Libreville
B. La Paz
C. Malabo
D. Addis Ababa

216. The Capital of Colombia is__________?

A. Beijing
B. Bogota 
C. Moroni
D. San jose

217. The capital of Cambodia is___________ ?

A. Bujumbura
B. Phnom penh
C. La paz
D. Port-Novo

218. The Capital of Ghana is_________?

A. Berlin
B. Accra
C. Suva
D. Malabo

219. National poet of Pakistan is__________?

A. Hafeez jalandhri
B. Allama Iqbal
C. Josh malih Abadi
D. None of these

220. Iran lies to the _______ of Pakistan ?

A. South east
B. South West
C. South north
D. East west