731. Which of the following UN agencies has received Noble Peace Prize ?

C. UN High commission for Refugees
D. All of above

732. United Nations Conference on Trade & Development is based in__________?

A. Bonn
B. Paris
C. Stockholm
D. Geneva

733. Headquarter of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank is located in____________?

A. Shanghai
B. Doha
C. Manila
D. Beijing

734. In the marathon race athletes have to cover a distance of how many miles ?

A. 15
B. 19
C. 26
D. 28

735. The code name for Abbottabad Operation (2011) was___________?

A. Operation Anaconda
B. Operation Neptune Spear
C. Operation Desert Storm
D. Operation Entebbe

736. Which is the national flower of Myanmar (Burma)?

A. Pink Rose
B. Lily
C. Dahlia
D. Padauk

737. Which is the national flower Nepal?

A. Padauk
B. Lily
C. Red Rhododendron
D. KowhaI

738. Arabs divested the provinces of _______ & _______ from Roman Empire ?

A. Lebanon & Jordan
B. Algeria & Libya
C. Syria & Egypt
D. Iraq & Iran

739. Who were the people known as Saracens?

A. Muslims
B. Christians
C. Nestorians
D. Canaanites

740. The world’s first nuclear power plant was built by__________?

A. United States
B. Russia
C. France
D. Germany