1661. The slogan of the French revolution was ___________.

A. One nation,one leader, and one flag
B. Government of the people, by the people,and for the people
C. Libery,Equality and Fraternity *
D. Workers of the world unite.

1662. The war of Roses(1455-11485) in European history is associated with the _________

A. War between England and France
B. Civil war in England *
C. Angola-Spanish War
D. War between Prussia and Austria

1663. Which was the Napolean’s last battle in which he was captured and exiled to ST Helena?

A. Battle of Trafalgar
B. Battle waterloo *
C. Battle of Austerlitz
D. Battle of leipzig

1664. The war of American independence was fought between ____________.

A. North america and South america
B. Britain and North America *
C. France and America
D. Canada and South America

1665. The first atom bomb was dropped on Hiroshima on _________.

A. Aug 6, 1945 *
B. Aug 9, 1945
C. Aug 9, 1946
D. Aug 6, 1942

1666.The second atom bomb was dropped on Nagasaki on____________.

A. Aug 6, 1914
B. Aug 9, 1945 *
C. Aug 6, 1913
D. Aug 9, 1943

1667. Hundred -Year war was fought in 1338-1453 between_____.

A. France and England *
B. France and Germany
C. England and Germany
D. England and Dutch

1668. Started in 1618 as religios-cum-political war between the lutherans and catholics in germany and developed into and international is known as .

A. War of Roses
B. Thirty year war *
C. Seven Years War
D. Boer War

1669. The Seven-Year war (1756-1763 was fought between_________________

A. France and Germany
B. England and France
C. England and prussia *
D. France and Austria

1670. Germany and Combined forces of Austria, Prussia and Russia Defeated Napolean in 1813 Name the Battle_____.

A. War of Roses
B. Battle of Leipzig *
C. Boer War
D. Balkan War