361. Which Country has the longest national anthem of the world?

A. Egypt
B. Russia
C. Canada
D. Greece

362. Which country has the shortest national anthem in the World?

A. Brazil
B. Canada
C. Egypt
D. Japan

363. Which country has no National Anthem?

A. Peru
B. South Sudan
C. South Africa
D. Cyprus

364. Which Country have two National Anthem?

A. NewZeland and Denmark
B. China and Russia
C. Iraq  and Iran
D. U.K and U.S.A

365. “The Parliament of Pakistan: A History of Institution-Building and (Un)Democratic Practices” is authored by__________?

A. Mohsin Hamid
B. Hamid Khan
C. Mirza Waheed
D. Mahboob Hussain

366. Zambia is the new name of__________?

A. Congo
B. Hispania
C. Northern Rhodesia
D. Euphra

367. Building of the Supreme Court in Islamabad was designed by a _________ architect?

A. Turkish
B. Greek
C. Japanese 
D. Pakistani

368. Which player played cricket for both India and Pakistan?

A. Nazar Muhammad
B. Mudassar Nazar
C. Majid Khan
D. Abdul Kardar

369. Arachnophobia is fear of __________?

A. Fear of Snakes
B. Fear of  Mosquito
C. Fear of Cat
D. Fear of Spider

370. Which Country has No Words in National Anthem?

A. Spain
B. Nigeria
C. Greenland
D. Iceland

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