2361. What is directional indicator on a map called ?

A. Navigator
B. Mercator
C. Compass Rose *
D. Merdian

2362. Degreeson a map are divided into 60 equal parts what are these parts called ?

A. Days
B. Seconds
C. Minutes *
D. Hours

2363. Which of the following countries is closest in size to Yemen ?

A. Myanmar *
B. Syria
C. Oman
D. Mali

2364. If you wanted to go on a cruise on which sea would you not be able to sail ?

A. Green sea *
B. Red sea
C. Black sea
D. Yellow sea

2365. Based on post- WWII planning principles ,which american ” New city ” is located in the san francisco bay area ?

A. Carter
B. San leander
C. Mariner
D. Foster *

2366. Which of the following countries is closest in size to Germany ?

A. Greece
B. Norway
C. Chile
D. Italy *

2367. What is the national language of Kenya ?

A. English
B. French
C. Kenyatta
D. Swahili *

2368. Formerly, somalia was under the control of which two imperialist countries ?

A. Italy and Britain *
B. France and Britain
C. Italy and france
D. Germany and Portugal

2369. Which two countries share the longest border ?

A. Chile and Argentina
B. USA and Canada *
C. USA and Mexico
D. Brazil and Peru

2370. What is the only central american country not to have spanish as its official language ?

A. Belize *
B. Panama
C. Costa Rica
D. Gautemala