2551. Baku is a seaport on :

A. Black sea
B. Caspian sea *
C. Mediterranean sea
D. Red sea

2552. Which of the following is the largest country of South America ?

A. Argentina
B. Brazil *
C. Columbia
D. Chile

2553. World population is expected to reach the mark of ____________ by the year 2025:

A. 10 Billion
B. 12 Billion
C. 8 Billion *
D. 9 Billion

2554. Which of the following is the largest wool producing country in the world ?

A. Holland
B. Australia *
C. Sri Lanka
D. India

2555. Mirage is an example of :

A. Refraction of light
B. Reelection of light
C. Deviation of light *
D. Polarization of Light

2556. The British Parliament is :

A. Bi-cameral *
B. Tri-Cameral
C. Uni-Cameral
D. None of these

2557. Planet closest to the earth is :

A. Mars
B. Neptune
C. Venus *
D. Mercury

2558. The term ” Butterfly stroke” is associated with :

A. Swimming *
B. Wrestling
C. Boxing
D. Judo

2559. A stretch of land surrounded by water on all sides is known as :

A. Strait
B. Peninsula *
C. Island
D. Delta

2560. Which animal is unable to stick out its tongue ?

A. Tortoise
B. Hungal
C. Crocodile *
D. None of these