2101. Barack Obama, The president of USA comes from which of the following American states?

A. California
B. Illinois *
C. Virginia
D. India

2102. What is the correct chronological sequence in which the following among the seven wonders of the world were constructed?

1. The Great wall of china
2. The Taj Mahal of Agra
3. The Learning tower of Pisa
4. The Angkor vat temple in Kampuchea

A. 3,2,1 and 4
B. 1,4,3 and 2 *
C. 1,3,4 and 2
D. 4,1,2 and 3

2103. The Koyoto protocol of 1997 is related to ?

A. Asian trade development
B. International Cyber crime
C. International Drug Trafficking
D. Global Climate Change *

2104. Arrange the following events chronologically?

1. Death of Winston Churchill
2. Alaska becomes 49th state of USA
3. China and Pakistan sign border agreement
4. USSR launches first satellite sputnik

A. 1,2,3,4
B. 4,2,3,1 *
C. 2,3,1,4
D. 3,4,2,1

2105. Tread on the shoe soles are made to increase__________.

A. Strenght
B. Durability
C. Friction *
D. Elasticity

2106. Which of the following is true of a registered trade mark? it is the __________.

A. Name of the product
B. Certificate of quality of product
C. Mark of Originality
D. Name or symbol that is used for the products of a particular company that may not be used . *

2107. If the level of atmospheric pollution increases___________.

A. The length of day will increase *
B. The lenght of day will decrease
C. The lenght of day will remain the same
D. Prediction can not be made about the lenght of day on the basis of level of pollution.

2108. What is the old name of Quetta?

A. Ram Garh
B. Shal Kot *
C. Pepri
D. Noor Shah

2109. Titanic got how many Oscar Awards?

A. 9
B. 11 *
C. 13
D. 15

2110. In the election of American president, the largest number of electrol college members are elected from the state of _________.

A. New York
B. Texas
C. California *
D. Florida