2291. The capital of Cyprus is :

A. Alexandaria
B. Famagusta
C. Nicosia *
D. Limassol

2292. What day is observed internationally on 5th October ?

A. Women’s day
B. World health day
C. Teacher day *
D. Human Rights Day

2293. The Earth’s smallest ocean is :

A. Atlantic
B. Arctic *
C. Indian
D. Pacific

2294. Which of the following organizations was established in the year 1919?

A. United nations
B. League of Nations *

2295. Which country’s flag is known as Union Jack?

A. France
B. Netherlands
C. UK *
D. Portugal

2296. What type of acid is used in car batteries ?

A. Hydro Chloric acid
B. Sulphuric Acid *
C. Mercury
D. Nitric Acid

2297. The average weight (in ounces) of man’s brain is :

A. 6.8
B. 4.8 *
C. 5.8
D. 3.8

2298. By which organ does a snake hear ?

A. Ear *
B. Eyes
C. Tail
D. Tongue

2299. The most populous islamic country of the world is :

A. IranĀ 
B. Pakistan
C. Saudi Arabia
D. Indonesia *

2300. Arab league was established in March 1945 with headquarters in :

A. Cairo *
B. Riyadh
C. Baghdad
D. Sudan