2031. Which is the oldest flag in the world?

A. Japan
B. Brazil
C. Azebaijan
D. Denmark *

2032. The first explorer to reach north pole is _________.

A. Antoine Mark
B. Geoffrey Cline
C. Robert Koch
D. Ronald Amundson *

2033. Which country has the largest flag?

A. Finland
B. Brazil *
C. Canada
D. Denmark

2034. Which is the largest railway station in the world ?

A. Grand Central Terminal, New York *
B. Kangur, Sindh
C. Storuik, Sweden
D. Moscow, Russia

2035. Country with largest coast line is __________.

A. Dona, Russia
B. China
C. Canada *
D. Brazil

2036. Longest mountain range is ____________.

A. Asia
B. South America *
C. Europe
D. Africa

2037. Which is the greatest mountain range in the world?

A. Rockies
B. Indus
C. Himalaya *
D. Alps

2038. The longest and largest river in asia is ____________.

A. Indus, Pakistan
B. Ganga, India
C. Brahmaputra
D. Yangtze, China *

2039. Name the highest lake located in the world located in the Himalaya mountains_________.

A. Manchhar
B. Panch Pokhri *
C. Leluser
D. kechura

2040. Which is longest mountain ranges of the world?

A. Andes *
B. Alps
C. HimalayA
D. Karakorum