2441. Which part of north america is the most thinly populated ?

A. Alaska *
B. California
C. Mexico
D. Great Lakes

2442. What is the chief occupation of Brazilians ?

A. Sugar production
B. Mining
C. Producing coffee *
D. Sheep rearing

2443. What was Panthalassa ( it existed 200 millions years ago)?

A. A super-continent
B. A super- ocean *
C. A super-desert
D. A ice sheet

2444. Which country is east of Lebanon ?

A. Iraq
B. Syria *
C. Jordan
D. Turkey

2445. The main region of the south america which produces wheat, is :

A. Peru
B. Pampas *
C. Brazil
D. Columbia

2446. Which one of the following animals is found in south america ?

A. Lama *
B. Kangaroo
C. Giraffe
D. Gorilla

2447. Which one of the following countries is not in africa ?

A. Kenya
B. Nigeria
C. Bolivia *
D. Ehtiopia

2448. Africa is a hot continent, Because :

A. There are many volcanoes
B. There is a great sahara desert
C. The majority of the continent experiences equatorial climate *
D. This is a big producer of spices

2449. What is “Veld” in Africa ?

A. Equatorial forest
B. Savanna forest
C. Grass lands *
D. Tropical forest

2450. What is the chief export from new zealand?

A. Wool *
B. Oil
C. Motar car
D. Cigarette