2041. Which is the largest Island in Indian Ocean?

A. Baffin
B. Bomeo
C. Madagscar *
D. Cathy Pacific

2042. Which is the largest Island in the world?

A. Madagascar
B. Kalalit Nunned island, Greenland *
C. Cuba
D. Brilam

2043. Who is the world’s longest current reigning Monarch?

A. Abdul Halim ( Krdoh)
B. Queen Elizabeth II (UK) *
C. Hassanal Bolkiah (Brunei)
D. Margrethe (Denmark)

2044. The most densely populated island in the world is _______.

A. Bosnia
B. Honshu *
C. Malegascar
D. Sumatra

2045. The first man to reach Antarctica was _________.

A. Fabien Gotileb *
B. Alden Mclaughlin
C. Keith Mitchell
D. Andrew Holmes

2046. The largest palace in the world is ____________.

A. Brunei *
B. Romania
C. Australia
D. France

2047. The longest underground railway tunnel in the world is located in __________.

A. London
B. Moscow *
C. Paris
D. New York

2048. Which is the largest capital city of the world?

A. Moscow
B. Washington *
C. Ottawa
D. Chicago

2049. Which is the largest exhibition center in the world?

A. Germany *
B. France
C. China

2050. Which is the busiest airport of the world?

A. New York Airport
B. Hartsfield -Jackson Atlanta international Airport *
C. King Abdul Aziz Airport
D. Washington