1491. oxbow lakes are more common in __________

A. USA *
B. Germany
C. Pakistan
D. Canada

1492. The Devil Tower present in USA is a _____________

A. Lake
B. Waterfall
C. Volacano *
D. Hotel’s name

1493.The Largest Volcano crater in the world is ______________.

A. Vesuvius( Italy)
B. Toba (Indonesia) *
C. Etna( Sicily)
D. Stromboli (Sicily)

1494. The highest plateau of the world is_________________.

A. Potohar Plateau
B. Balochistan Plateau
C. Pamir Plateau (Tibit) *
D. Dacan Plateau

1495. Hanna Lake is situated near_________.

A. Peshawar
B. Quetta *
C. Kaghan
D. Islamabad

1496.When was demarcated pakistan-iran border line_____________.

A. 24TH September 1872 *
B. 24th September 1874
C. 24th September 1876
D. 24th September 1878

1497. What is the height of the second highest mountain peak K-2?

A. 8595 Meter
B. 8611 Meter *
C. 8217 Meter
D. 8126 Meter

1498. In which Country was the first oil-well drilled in 1859___________.

A. Saudi arabia
B. USA *
C. Russia
D. Iran

1499.Which is the highet mountain peak of the world?

A. Mount Everest *
B. K2
C. Nanga Parbat
D. None of these

1500.Mount Everest is present in the range of mountains_____________.

A. Karakoram
B. Himalya *
C. Andies
D. Hindukush