2311. Who was the first person to use the word “Geography”?

A. William Morris Davis
B. Ptolemy
C. Eratosthenes *
D. Strabo

2312. Which of the following river is almost same lenght as indus river ?

A. Euphrates
B. Rio Grande
C. Brahmaputra *
D. Danube

2313. Which of the following countries does not border Libya?

A. Tunisia
B. Morocco *
c. Egypt
D. Chad

2314. What part of the atmosphere are you breathing righ now ?

A. Bathysphere
B. Stratsophere
C. Troposphere *
D. Ionosphere

2315. Cape Agulhas is where which of the following oceans meet ?

A. Atlantic and Indian *
B. Indian and Pacific
C. Atalantic and Arctic
D. Pacific and Atlantic

2316. Which of the following country that shares a land border with Canada?

A. Greenland
B. United States of America *
C. Russia
D. Mexico

2317. Which of the following country is called enclave ?

A. Kosovo
B. Liechtenstein
C. Slovakia
D. San Marino *

2318. Which of the following countries is closest in size to pakistan ?

A. Congo
B. Turkey *
C. Paraguay
D. Chile

2319. Which is the country in South America with Coasts on both the Caribbean sea and the pacific Ocean ?

A. Peru
B. Colombia *
C. Chile
D. Brazil

2320. Which of the following countries is and archipelago located in the indian ocean ?

A. Vanuatu
B. Maldives *
C. Jamaica
D. Kiribati