1951. Which country has the most nuclear reactors?

A. Canada
B. USA *
C. Russia
D. Ukrine

1952. Name the longest road tunnel of the world _________.

A. St. Gothard( Sweden) *
B. Angkor (Cambodia)
C. Broadway (USA)
D. None of them

1953. Which country has the oldest underground railway system of the world?

A. England *
C. Hungry
D. Scotland

1954. Which is the fastest animal of the world?

A. Antelope
B. Cheetah *
C. Thompson Gazelle
D. Grey Hound

1955. Name the animal which has the longest life span?

A. Turtle
B. Elephant
C. Chimpanzee
D. Tortoise *

1956. Name th bird which is fastest and can attaing speed of 200 Km___________.

A. Indian Swift *
B. Eagle
C. Condor
D. Falcon

1957. Which is the highest military’s decoration of Pakistan?

A. Tamgha-e-jurat
B. Nishan-e-haider *
C. Nishan-e-jurat
D. Tamgha-e-Imtiaz

1958. The highest point in Europe is ____________

A. Mt. Aconcagua
B. Mt. Albrus *
C. Mt. Kibo
D. None of them

1959. The highest point in africa is __________.

A. Mt. Kibo *
B. Mt. Everest
C. K2
D. None of them

1960. World’ First commercial Communication satellite was launched in 1965, Its name was __________.

A. Tiros I
B. Early Bird *
C. Soyuz I
D. None of them