2451. Which part of Australia receives rain throughout the year ?

A. Western part
B. Eastern part
C. Southern part
D. Northern part *

2452. Which of the following is the chief crop of Australia ?

A. Rice
B. Maize
C. Wheat
D. Potato

2453. The original Inhabitants of newzeland are known as :

A. Maoris *
B. Bedouins
C. Magyars
D. Tartars

2454. In which of the following countries, the Chritsmas festival is celebrated in summer season ?

A. New Zealand *
B. Germany
C. Japan
D. Britain

2455. Which one of the following food grains is grown in china in the largest quantity ?

A. Rye
B. Barley
C. Rice *
D. Maize

2456.What is Great Barrier reef ?

A. Belt of coral along east shores of Australia *
B. A cave between sydney and Melbourne
C. Fish found area in sea near new zealand
D. Mine situated in the Great victoria valley

2457. Lines joining places receiving equal amount of rainfall are called :

A. Isohalines
B. Isobars
C. Isotherms
D. Isohyets *

2458. Which of the following is constant in relation to the mean time of a particular meridian that typically crosses it?

A. Greenwich mean time
B. Indian standard time
C. Standard time *
D. Local time

2459. The spring tide occurs when the moon, the suan and the earth make in angle of :

A. 180 Degree *
B. 90 Degree
C. 45 Degree
D. 33 Degree

2460. The mediterranean climate is characterized by :

A. Humid summers and humid winters
B. Humid summers and dry winters
C. Dry summers and dry winters
D. Dry summers and humid winters *