2431. The time difference between the two extreme points in the east and the west is of :

A. 3 Hours
B. 2 Hours *
C. 5 Hours
D. 6 Hours

2432. The celtic sea is located between which two countries :

A. Australi and Newzeland
B. India and Sri lanka
C. Zanzibar and Tanzania
D. England and Ireland *

2433. One degree of longitude/ latitude covers approximately :

A. 70 Miles
B. 56 Miles
C. 66.6 Miles *
D. 28 Miles

2434. In which country is the world’s southermmost city ?

A. Argentina *
B. Chile
C. Australia
D. New zeland

2435. What do you mean by the term density of population of a country ?

A. The annual average number of deaths
B. The typical number of births per annum
C. The typical population density per hectare
D. The average number of people living in one square kilometer *

2436. Which is the hottest place of the world?

A. A Aziziyah *
B. Seville
C. Death Valley
D. Jacobabad

2437. Which is the mountain between the black sea and caspian sea ?

A. Ural
B. Caucasus *
C. Alps
D. Balkan

2438. Which of the following counties is closest in size to Iran?

A. Iraq
B. Mexico *
C. Saudi Arabia
D. Argentina

2439. Which of the following has the greatest importance in commercial fisheries ?

A. Spain
B. Dogger Banks *
C. Italy
D. Portugal

2440. Sierra Nevada is the name of :

A. An Animal of America
B. A disease found in America
C. A fruit found in America
D. A mountain in America *