1481. Chermain Mountains are only present in ________

A. Egypt
B. Phillipines
C. India *
D Italy

1482. Stromboli Valcano is located in the ______________

A. Chile
B. Phillipines
C. Indonesia
D. Sicilly(Italy) *

1483. Gibson desert is present in________________

A. Australia *
C. France
D. Ethopia

1484. Hibok Volcano which exploded in 1951 is present__________

A. Phillipines *
B. Indonesia
C. Chile
D. Italy

1485. Visuvisus is a __________

A. Mountain in Germany
B. A velly of desserts
C. A Path under water
D. Volcano in Italy *

1486. Down Plains are Grassland plains presenet in ______________

B. Newzeland
C. Australia *
D. Russia

1487. Which is the longest river of Europe Continent?

A. Danube
B. Volga *
C. Seine
D. Thames

1488. Canterbury plains are present in__________

A. Newzeland *
B. Australia
C. Russia

1489. Gras land plains present in argentina are called_____________

A. Prairies
B. Campass
C. Steppes
D. Pampas *

1490. Sonoran is a desert present in_________________

A. China
B. Mexico *
C. Australia
D. India