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81. Changes in govt. spending and tax collection designed to achieve a full employment and non-inflationary domestic out put is called___________________?

A. Fiscal policy
B. Economic planning
C. Economizing problem
D. None

82. The transfer of savings from developing countries to industrially advanced countries to avoid govt. expropriation, taxation and high rates of inflation is_________________?

A. capital flight
B. capital account
C. capital deficit
D. All of these

83. A legally determined price above the equilibrium price is__________________?

A. Floor price
B. Ceiling price
C. Equilibrium price
D. None

84. The branch of economics which analyze govt. revenues and expenditures is__________________?

A. Public revenue
B. Public finance
C. Public good
D. None

85. Nominal income adjusted for inflation__________________?

A. Real income
B. Net income
C. Total income
D. None

86. A tax imposed by a nation on an imported good is called_________________?

A. Tariff
B. Foreign exchange
C. Net profit

87. The body of knowledge and techniques which can be used to produce goods and service from economic resources is________________?

A. Technology
B. Advanced knowledge
C. Both
D. None

88. The amount by which a nation’s import of goods (or goods and services) exceeds its export of goods or goods and services is________________?

A. Trade surplus
B. Trade deficit
C. Trade bloc
D. None

89. An economic system in which traditions and customs determine how the economy would use its scare resources ?

A. Traditional economy
B. Mixed economy
C. capitalistic economy
D. Command economy

90. Failure to use all available economic resources to produce goods and services is called__________________?

A. Unemployment
B. Underemployment
C. Inflation
D. Deflation