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291. The study of how economies are transformed from stagnation to growth and from low income to higher income status?

A. Econometrics
B. Development economics
C. Development plan
D. All

292. All seem fully employed but in reality much of their time is spent in unproductive activities?

A. Disguised underemployment
B. Underemployment
C. Closed underemployment
D. None

293. Group of LDC debtors who join together to bargain as a group with creditors?

A. Debtor’s cartel
B. Economic union
C. Debtor’s commune
D. None

294. The sum of interest payments and repayment of principal on external public and public ally guarantee debt?

A. Debt repudiation
B. Debt renegotiation
C. Debt service
D. Debt rescheduling

295. Any financial institution that serves to channel loan able funds savers to borrowers?

A. Financial intermediary
C. Both
D. None

296. The increasing integration of national economies into expanding international market ?

A. Randomization
B. Globalization
C. Economic integration
D. None

297. Income that is available to house holds for spending and saving after personal, income taxes have been deducted ?

A. Saving
B. Disposable income
C. Net income
D. All

298. Activities of central bank designed to influence financial variables such as money supply and interest rates?

A. Fiscal policy
B. Economic policy
C. Monitory policy
D. None

299. A market situation in which a product that does not have close substitutes is being produced and sold by a single seller?

A. Oligopoly
B. Monopoly
C. Perfect competition
D. None

300. The study process by which a productive capacity of the economy is increased over time to bring about raising levels of national output and income?

A. Development
B. Economic growth
C. Economic integration
D. All