1341. In DNA adenine alwasy pair with :

A. Thymine *
B. Guanine
C. Cytosine
D. None of these

1342. Mushrooms are member of :

A. Omycetes
B. Discomycetes
C. Pyrenomycetes
D. None of these *

1343. Most Fungal disease spread out in:

A. Dry and cold weather
B. Wet and cold *
C. Dry and hot
D. None of these

1344. Tikka disease of ground nut is renowned to :

A. Thai
B. Chakwal
C. Rawalpindi *
D. None of these

1345. The fruits and vegetables contain in insoluble stiffening material called :

A. Pectin
B. Lignin *
C. Protopectin
D. None of these

1346. Substances that are intentionally added to foods in order to increase profits are known as:

A. Food contaminations
B. Food adulterants
C. Food additives *
D. All of the above

1347. Lepus capensis is the name of :

A. Tiger *
B. Lion
C. Rat
D. None of these

1348. Establishment of new crop naturally or artificially is :

A. Silviculture
B. Sericulture
C. Nursery *
D. None of these

1349. Meaningful statement about the economic behaviour or the economic is called :

A. Economic principles *
B. Economic theories
C. Both A and B
D. None of these

1350. The measure of fluids resistance to sheer or angular deformation :

A. Nomality
B. Viscosity *
C. Compressibility
D. None of these