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151. A commercial bank authorized by state govt. to engage in business of banking ?

A. National Bank
B. State Bank
C. Business authorized bank
D. None

152. An asset set aside for future use is termed as_______________________?

A. Future planning
B. Store of value
C. Speculation
D. None

153. The demand schedule or the demand curve of all buyers of a good or service is called____________________?

A. Market demand
B. Total demand
C. Both
D. None

154. The total amount buyers of goods and services sped or plan to spend____________________?

A. Total spending
B. Aggregate spending
C. Both a and b
D. None

155. The sacrifice of some or all one economic goal, good, or services to achieve some other goal, good or service is called__________________?

A. Trade block
B. Trade union
C. Trade offs
D. All

156. Failure to achieve full production is called ?

A. Unemployment
B. Under employment
C. Unplanned
D. None

157. Increases in the price level resulting from an excess of demand over output at the existing price level, caused by an increase in aggregate demand ?

A. Demand pull inflation
B. Stagflation
C. Both
D. None

158. A decrease in the governmentally defined value of currency ____________________?

A. Inflation
B. Devaluation
C. Cheapness
D. All

159. An industry in which expansion through the entry of firms decreases the prices, firms in the industry must pay for resources and there fore decreases their production costs ?

A. Declining industry
B. Decreasing cost industry
C. Both
D. None

160. Cooperation among unification of the economies of different nations is termed as_____________________?

A. Economic Bloc
B. Economic integration
C. Economic union
D. none