1041. Which one of the following is C4 plain_________________?

A. Sugarcane
B. Sorghum
C. Make
D. All the above

1042. The lowest pest population that will cause economic damage is called__________________?

A. Economic pest
B. Economic threshold
C. Economic damage
D. None of the above

1043. Gaseous loss of a substance from the soil or from fertilizer or manure is called_________________?

A. Volatilization
B. Evaporation
C. Transpiration
D. Evapotranspiration

1044. Resistance of plants to living organism is called______________________?

A. Abiotic resistance
B. Biotic resistance
C. Vertical resistance
D. Horizantal resistance

1045. A foreign variety that is directly recommended for commercial cultivation is called_________________?

A. Blended variety
B. Pure line variety
C. Exotic variety
D. Hybrid variety

1046. The series of transformation which a nutrient undergoes in the biosphere before returning to its original formed is called_______________?

A. Carbon cycle
B. Nutrient cycle
C. Nitrogen cycle
D. None of the above

1047. In pulses, limiting amino acids are__________________?

A. Lysine
B. Theronine
C. Tryptophan
D. Methionine

1048. The ratio of treatment variance to error variance is known as_________________?

A. Correlation
B. F-value
C. Critical difference
D. I-value

1049. The significance of difference among several means is tested with the level of_________________?

A. F-test
B. t-test
C. Z-test
D. X-test

1050. Melilotus alba is objectional weed of__________________________?

A. Okra
B. Methi
C. Cucurbits
D. Wee