711. The stability analysis of earth dam founded on cohesion less silt material be made against_____________________?

A. Shear
B. Turning
C. Sinking
D. Buckling

712. The discharge carrying capacity of an irrigation channel depends upon ____________________?

A. Silt grade, charge and slope
B. Channel dimensions
C. Sediment size
D. Silt amount and bed slope

713. Canals normally excavated directly from river without head regulator is called___________________?

A. Perennial canals
B. Inundation canals
C. Non-perennial canals
D. Water shed canals

714. According to Kennedy’s silt theory , the critical velocity is directly proportional to depth of flow _____________________?

A. D0.64
B. D0.65
C. D0.66
D. D0.67

715. Water logging is the state of the soil where the water table brought ______________capacity or root zone of plants?

A. Far from
B. Within
C. Below
D. Near

716. The water particles held in soil pores of root zone by _____________ against gravity and is known as capillary water?

A. Cohesive force
B. Capillary force
C. Tension force
D. Gravity force

717. A fixed reference point from which the discharge of flowing water is measured is________________?

A. Reduce level
B. Bench mark
C. Contour point
D. Reference point

718. According to Khosla’s theory of seepage, the Exit gradient depends upon ____________________?

A. width /depth ratio
B. depth /width ratio
C. Length /depth ratio
D. depth /Length ratio

719. the ratio between the rate of change of discharge of the out let to the rate of change of discharge of the distributary is called ______________________?

A. Proportionally
B. flexibility
C. Sensitivity
D. Flow abili

720. The lower limit of factor of safety against over turning in a gravity is _______________________?

A. 1.3
B. 1.4
C. 1.5
D. 1.6


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