1371. Olericulture is the study dealing with :

A. Vegetable production *
B. Honey bee
C. Ornamental flowers
D. None of these

1372. Colostrum is :

A. Low nutritive milk
B. First result of mammary organs after parturition *
C. After two months of pregnancy, a product of the mammary glands
D. None of these

1373. Banana fruit is classified in the category :

A. Drupe
B. Pomes
C. Berry *
D. None of these

1374. Older the rice :

A. Worse in quality
B. Damaged in shape
C. Cheaper in price
D. None of these *

1375. Gossypium hirsutum is the botanical name of :

A. American cotton *
B. Desi cotton
C. Barley
D. Sugar cane
E. None of these

1376. Determination of plants based on phenotypic predominance is known as :

A. Hybrid *
B. Mass selection
C. Inbred line
D. Pure line
E. None of these

1377. Agriculture extension relates to :

A. Modernization of agricultural machinery *
B. Financial help to the Farmers
C. Educating Farmers
D. None of these

1378. When crop residue protects the surface of the soil . The practice is called :

A. Nitrogen fixation
B. Sheet erosion
C. Tillage *
D. None of these

1379. Bhagnari is a breed of :

A. Buffalo *
B. Cow
C. Sheep
D. None of these

1380. Afforestation means :

A. Forest research station
B. To convert land into forest *
C. Utilization of forest products
D. None of these