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271. A country’s potential for economic growth is greatly influenced by its endowments of__________________?

A. Physical resources
B. Human resources
C. Both a and b
D. None of these

272. Number of peoples and their level of skills is called as________________?

A. Human resources
B. Physical resources
C. Capital resources
D. None

273. Year number of deaths per 1,000 population is called?

A. Crude mortality rate
B. Death rates
C. Both
D. None

274. “The tricks of economic growth and development are simply a matter of increasing national savings and investment.” Is a simplest form of?

A. Rostow growth stages
B. Keynesian development theory
C. Harod-Domar growth model
D. None

275. Aggregate inequality measures that can vary anywhere from O (perfect equality) to 1 (perfect inequality) are given by________________?

A. Gini co-efficient
B. Rostow’s model
C. Lewis theory
D. None

276. Total amount of income necessary to raise everyone who is below the poverty line up to that line ?

A. Subsistence income
B. Poverty gap
C. Absolutely poverty
D. None

277. Economic model describing growth of the economy on one or at most a few sectors and variables?

A. Formal growth model
B. Functional growth model
C. Aggregate growth model
D. None

278. Gradual pay off a loan principle ?

A. Autarchy
B. Hierarchically
C. Amortization

279. A summary statement of a nations financial transactions with the outside world ?

A. Balance of payments
B. Trade off
C. Both a and b
D. None

280. A term used by ILO to describe the basic goods and services necessary for a minimum standard of living ?

A. Basic needs
B. Poverty line
C. Gini co-efficient
D. None