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281. The emigration of highly skilled and educated professionals and technical man power from developing to developed countries?

A. Capital flight
B. Immigration
C. Brain Drain
D. All

282. Increasing a country’s stock of real capital (net investment in fixed essels)__________________?

A. Capital accumulation
B. Capital dumping
C. Capital stock
D. None

283. Major financial institution responsible for issuing currency, managing foreign reserves implementing monetary policy and providing banking service to the govt. and commercial banks ?

A. Central Bank
B. State Bank
C. Both
D. None

284. Transfer of funds to a foreign country by a local citizen by business ?

A. Dumping
B. Anti dumping
C. Capital flight
D. Brain

285. A ratio that shows the unit of capital required to produce a unit of output over a given period of time?

A. Capital input ratio
B. Capital output ratio
C. Capital intensive ratio
D. None

286. Excess utility over price derived by the consumers because of negative sloping demand curve ?

A. Producer surplus
B. Consumer surplus
C. Marginal utility
D. Demand surplus

287. Advantage that occurs to individual or society as a whole as a result of increase in the consumption of certain types of goods or services by other individuals ?

A. Consumption economics
B. Consumption function
C. Consumption surplus
D. Consumer demand

288. An agreement among sellers of a commodity to set a common price or share their commodity market?

  1. Oligopoly
    B. Monopoly
    C. collusion
    D. All

289. An economic plan that sets targets to cover all the major sectors of the national economy?

A. Centralized plan
B. Comprehensive plan
C. Commune
D. None

290. Cetris peribus stands for__________________?
A. Let it be
B. All else being equal
C. Same as given before
D. None


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