491. Insect are_________________?

A. Cold blooded animals
B. Warm blooded animals
C. Grasshopper
D . None of the above

492. Where the most insects are abundant____________________?

A. Tropical region
B. Sub tropical
C. temperature region
D. None of the above

493. Commercial rearing of honey is called________________?

A. Sericulture
B. Apiculture
C. Floriculture
D. Lac culture

494. Fire flies are________________?

A. Flies
B. Beetles
C. Fleas
D. Wasps

495. Termite workers are_________________?

A. May be a non reproductive male or non reproductive female
B. A non reproductive male
C. A non reproductive female
D. None of above

496. What are helpful insects___________________?

A. Predators, Pollinators, Parasites, Honey bees
B. Silkworm, Pollinators, Predators, Scavenges
C. Weed killers, scavengers, predator, pollinator, parasites
D. Predators, Pollinators, Lac insects

497. Workers of honey bees have number of chromosome_______________?

A. Diploid
B. Haploid
C. Triploid
D. None of above

498. Which insect cause ear splitting plain to some people__________________?

A. Cicadas
B. Fireflies
C. Locust
D. Silver fish

499. Which sex of mosquito bites the human being__________________?

A. Male
B. Female
C. Both of sex
D. None of above

500. The fleas do _____________________?

A. Fly
B. Never flown
C. May or may not fly
D. non of these