521. Ingredient added in pesticide to enhance and maintain efficacy of active ingredient is____________________?

A. Dose
B. Active ingredient
C. Insert ingredient
D. Pesticide

522. The chemical used for killing birds is called________________?

A. Ovicide
B. Avicide
C. Pesticide
D. Herbicide

523. The chemical used for controlling of mites is called__________________?

A. Acaricide
B. Nematicide
C. Nematicide
D. Mollusicide

524. Example of inorganic pesticides are__________________?

A. calcium cyanide, boric acid
B. Chlorine, nitrogen
C. Oxygen, sulfur
D. Phosphorus, chlorine

525. Carbamates contains_________________?

A. Carbon, hydrogen
B. Carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen
C. Carbon, nitrogen and sulphur
D. Carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen

526. Volatile chemical which exist in the gaseous state in sufficient concentration to be lethal for a given pest is called ?

A. Fumigant
B. Arsenicals pesticide
C. Pyrethorid
D. carbamate

527. Mosquitoes, bed bugs are____________________?

A. Permanent Parasite
B. Intermitttent Parasite
C. transitary Parasite
D. Obligate Parasite

528. The parasite which can live on more than one host is called__________________?

A. Obligated Parasite
B. Facultative Parasite
C. Intermitted Parasite
D. Transitory Parasite

529. The parasite which are capable of developing upon a few closely related host species is called_______________?

A. Oligophagous parasites
B. Polyhagous parasites
C. Facultative parasites
D. Transitory parasites

530. Aphis lions are predator of___________________?

A. Aphid
B. Jassid
C. Sugarcane borer
D. Pyrilla


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