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101. A market in which money of one nation can be used to purchase the money of other nation is called____________________?

A. Money market
B. International market
C. Foreign exchange market
D. All of these

102. Legally established maximum price of a good or service__________________?

A. Ceiling price
B. Floor price
C. Max price
D. None

103. A physical establishment which performs one or more functions in production, fabrication and distribution of goods and services ?

A. Plant
B. Firm
C. Factory
D. None

104. An economic system in which property resources are privately owned and markets and prices are used to direct and coordinate economic activities________________?

A. Pure capitalism
B. Command Economy
C. Closed economy
D. Open economy

105. An involuntary payment of money to govt. by a household or firm for which the household or firm receives no good or services directly in return ?

A. Tariff
B. Tax
C. Tacit collusion
D. Subsidy

106. An economic system in which property resources are publicly owned and govt uses central economic planning to direct & coordinate economic activities ?

A. Command economy
B. Closed economy
C. Open economy
D. None

107. The total revenue of a film less all its economic costs is called_____________________?

A. Economy Profit
B. Pure Profit
C. Above normal Profit
D. All these

108. To charge different prices for the goods of the same standard is called___________________?

A. Prices discrimination
B. Prices differentiation
C. Oligopoly
D. Prices elasticity

109. The monetary payment a firm must make to an outsider to obtain a resource____________________?

A. Implicit cost
B. Explicit cost
C. Net cost
D. Total cost

110. An organization which employs resources to produce a good or service for profit and own and operates one or more plants is called_______________?

A. Company
B. Factory
C. Firm
D. None