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331. The study of form and structure of insects are called__________________?

A. insect morphology
B. insect physiology
C. insect Ecology
D. No of above

332. Male mosquitoes have antennae while female mosquitoes have antennae__________________?

A. Aristate, plumose
B. Plumose, pilose
C. Pectinate, Pilose
D. Pectinate, plumose

333. House has antennae_____________________?

A. Aristate
B. Stylate
C. Ensiform
D. Capitate

334. The lateral selertized region of insect body is called_________________?

A. Pleuron
B. Tergum
C. Sternum
D. None of the above

335. The main body regions of insects are called____________________?

A. Tagmata
B. Antecosta
C. Acrotergata
D. None of the above

336. Butter flies have antennae________________?

A. Capitate
B. Clavate
C. Geniculate
D. Flabellate

337. Housefly have mouth parts_________________?

A. Sponging type
B. Siphoning type
C. Rasping type
D. Piecing sucking type

338. Jassid, Aphid and bugs have________________?

A. Rasping
B. Siphoning type
C. Sponging type
D. Piecing sucking type

339. Costal margin of wing of insect is______________?

A. Frontal margin
B. Outer margin
C. Hinder margin
D. Inner margin

340. Suffering cause in insects due to lack of food is called________________?

A. Aestivation
B. Starvation
C. Dormancy
D. Non of the above


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