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211. The gradual decline over time in the value or price of one currency in terms of another as a result of market forces of supply and demand ?

A. Depreciation
B. Downsizing
C. Rightsizing
D. All

212. he yearly number of children born alive per 1,000 women within a chil bearing age bracket?

A. Crude birth rate
B. Birth rate
C. Fertility rate
D. Expectancy rate

213. International resources shared by all countries e.g ocean, air etc?

A. Global environment facility
B. Global commons
C. Global reserves
D. None

214. Situation in which govt. intervention in an economy worsens outcomes__________________?

A. Govt. failure
B. Market perfection
C. Govt. inefficiency
D. None

215. Proportion of school aged children who don’t complete a particular school cycle ?

A. IIIiteracy rate
B. Dropout rate
C. Children un education rate
D. All

216. A barrier to the attainment of a set target in a particular period of time?

A. Economic inefficient
B. Economic integration
C. Economic constraint
D. None

217. All international changes in ownership of merchandise passing across the customs borders of trading countries?

A. Merchandise trade balance
B. International trade laws
C. Trade barriers
D. Merchandise imports and exports

218. Sum total of currency in circulation plus commercial bank demand deposits and sometimes savings bank time deposits?

A. Money supply
B. Money lender
C. National income
D. None

219. Loans not passed through formal banking system e.g. family loans?

A. Formal finance
B. Informal finance
C. Med term loans
D. Long term loans

220. The payment for the use of borrowed funds _____________?

B. Loan
C. Both
D. None