1241. The first mechanism to start in the wind erosion is_________?
A. Creep
B. Saltation
C. Siltation
D. None of these

1242. What is the optimum temperature and pH for nitrifying bacteria ?
A. 30-35 c, pH 5.5
B. >35 c, pH less than 5
C. 25-40 c, pH 8-8.5
D. All of thses

1243. If a manure pile is exposed to the rain, what nutrient will be lost the most ?
A. Ca
B. Mg
C. S
D. N

1244. Browning disease of rice is a_________?
A. Bacterial & fungal disease
B. Physiological disease
C. Viral disease
D. The above statement is wrong

1245. Loss of nitrogen in the form of NH3 in alkaline medium is known as_________?
A. Denitrification
B. Leaching
C. Volatilization
D. None of these

1246. Organisms satisfying their carbon requirement as Co2 from atmosphere and energy requirement from oxidation of simple inorganic compound are called as_________?
A. Chemoautotroph
B. Photoautotroph
C. Saprophyte
D. None of these

1247. 1 meq of HCl is equal to_________?
A. 1.4 mg of N
B. 14 mg of N
C. 0.14 mg of N
D. 140 mg of N

1248. What kind of nitrogenous (N) fertilizers should not be used for flooded soil:
A. Ammonical
B. Nitrate
C. Ammonical-nitrate
D. Both B & C

1249. The credit for identifying the essentality of nitrogen to plants goes to________?
A. Dr.Muhammad Sharif
B. Theodore-saussure
C. Shafiq Baloch at.el
D. Sach and knoop

1250. The instrument used for measuring the photosynthetically active radiations (PAR) is:________?
A. Pyrheliometer
B. Pyrgeometer
C. Quantom sensor
D. Both A & C