1121. The oxygen concentration in the air is________________?

A. 30%
B. 21%
C. 16%
D. 45%

1122. Cultivation of same crop year after year is called________________?

A. Single cropping
B. Monocropping
C. Double, cropping
D. All the above

1123. Highly decomposed stage of organic matter is called_______________?

A. Cellulose
B. Organic acid
C. Humus
D. All the above

1124. Narcotic crops mainly grown in Pakistan is_________________?

A. Pyrethrum
B. Cocon
C. Tobacco
D. Co see

1125. Partially decomposed organic matter is termed as___________________?

A. Humus
B. Farm yard manure
C. Composet
D. All the above

1126. The potential means of enhancing productivity is_________________?

A. Quality of seeds
B. Quantity of seeds
C. Seed density
D. All the above

1127. Electrolytes leakage is found greater in______________?

A. HD grains
B. LD grains
C. All the above
D. non of these

1128. Use of linear measurements of plumule growth as a vigour test was first suggested by_______________?

A. Woodstock (1976)
B. Germ (1949)
C. Baskin (1972)
D. Maguire (1962)

1129. Seed leachate conductivity is significantly higher in seeds having_________________?

A. Higher shoot weight
B. Lower shoot weight
C. Higher root weight
D. None of the above

1130. Air contains___________________?

A. 70% nitrogen
B. 50% nitrogen
C. 78% nitrogen
D. None of the above