1111. In rice, high silicon content, in shoot confers resistance to_________________?

A. Leaf borer
B. Stem borer
C. Root borer
D. All the above

1112. Oka (1975) has suggested that me population size suitable for maintenance and seed production of a commercial crop of a self pollinated species should be________________?

A. 100 plants
B. 200 plants
C. 300 plants
D. 400 plants

1113. Who described the method of estimating seed vigor on the basis of colour intensity of stained seed________________?

A. Woodstock (1976)
B. Kittock and Law (1969)
C. Maguire (1962)
D. Nicolls & Heu Decker (1968)

1114. Seeds of wheat, paddy and maize showed positive correlation germination (%) and viability (%) as determined by________________?

A. Grow put test
B. Tz test
C. Test of genetic purity of seeds
D. Ageing test

1115. Who the a method of estimating seed vigour on the basis of color intensity of the stained seeds ?

A. Nicolls & Hey Decker (1968)
B. Kittock &. Law (1953)
C. Moore (1973)
D. Germ (1949)

1116. Who gave the formula for speed of germination_______________?

A. Maguire (1962)
B. Baskin (1972)
C. Moore (1973)
D. Germ (1949)

1117. Progeny of nucleus seed is called__________________?

A. Foundation seed
B. Breeder seed
C. Certified seed
D. Registered seed

1118. Seed dormancy of nee seeds can be successfully broken by heat treatment at________________?

A. 50°c for 3-7 days
B. 45°c for 3-8 days
C. 54°c for 2-6 days
D. None of the above

1119. Abnormal seeding growth in rice may be due to_________________?

A. Intrinsic Mechanism
B. Lack of integrity in seed cells
C. Endogenous inhibitors
D. Al the above

1120. Abnormal seeding growth in rice is more closely related, with______________?

A. IID grains
B. LD grains
C. Both a & b
D. None of the above