731. The ratio between the actual pressure and saturation vapour present at same temperature is called___________________?

A. Absolute Humidity
B. Relative Humidity
C. Low humidity
D. High Humidity

732. Pilot tube is a device, which convert velocity head of flowing water into pressure by ____________________?

A. H = v2/2g
B. H = v/g
C. H = v2 / g2
D. H = v2 / g

733. A unit hydrograph is a hydrograph of runoff produced by a rainstorm of a specified duration called ____________________?

A. Unit duration
B. Peak runoff
C. Storm runoff
D. Base flow

734. The floods which exceeds the designed magnitude of a reservoir is called _______________________?

A. High floods
B. Standard protects flood
C. Intensive flood
D. Storm flood

735. The area irrigated in the year and it grows crops on which water rates are leveled is called____________________?

A. Area Assessed
B. Area leased
C. Area irrigated
D. Area cultivated

736. A river which does not change its alignment – slope and its regime significantly is called________________?

A. Aggrading river
B. Degrading river
C. Stable river
D. Deltaic River

737. When seepage water after passing the ground water aquifer joins the surface stream, such stream will be called_____________________?

A. Influent stream
B. Effluent stream
C. Rain stream
D. Storm stream

738. A curve showing the maximum flow in the river and mean time reduces flow. we be called___________________?

A. Infiltration capacity
B. Infiltration capacity curve
C. Ground water depletion curve
D. All are correct

739. The water vapours are generally present in a atmosphere, some times isolated and sometimes mixed with other gases. in such a situation the pressure exerted by each component of mixture, will be called ______________________?

A. Partial pressure
B. Saturation pressure
C. Vapour pressure
D. All are correct

740. The difference between saturation vapour pressure and actual vapour pressure at a constant temperature is called ___________________?

A. Saturation vapour pressure
B. Actual vapour pressure
C. Saturation deficit
D. Partial pressure


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