871. Sex pheromones traps are used for the pest of__________________?

A. Pink boll worm
B. American boll worm
C. Both a and b
D. non of these

872. Root rot of cotton is a_________________?

A. Bacterial disease
B. Viral disease
C. Fungal disease

873. Raising of only one crop in a year, when there is seasonal supply of water is called______________?

A. Monocropping
B. Monoculture
C. Specialized farming
D. Intensive cropping

874. Which one of the following constitute the best defamation of fruit________________?

A. A fruit is a product of flower
B. A fruit is a product of ovary
C. A fruit is a mature ovary that contain seed
D. A fruit is post-fertilization product of the pistil

875. Barani Agriculture institute is located at _________________?

A. Peshawar
B. Islamabad
C. Rawalpindi
D. Chakwal

876. Certification is not required for________________?

A. Nucleus seed
B. Breeder seed
C. Foundation seed
D. Certified seed

877. Seeds which dried at low moisture contents and stored at low temperature without loosing their viability are________________?

A. Recalcitrant seeds
B. Active seeds
C. Orthodox seeds
D. Certified seeds

878. Prescribed germination percentage of foundation seed of ground nut is_________________?

A. 70
B. 20
C. 85
D. 90

879. Indus river is one of the longest river of Asia measuring about_____________________?

A. 3000 Km
B. 2500 Km
C. 2900 Km
D. 3200 Km

880. Main reason behind the shedding of flower in cotton is__________________?

A. Low temperature
B. High temperature
C. Humidity
D. Cloudy day