931. Removal of cellular water followed by shrinkage of protoplasm is due to

A. Oxidation
B. Deplasmolysis
C. Osmosis
D. Plasmolysis

932. Accumulation of transported material A to B horizon is known as____________________?

A. Eluviation
B. llluviation
C. Alluviation
D. Deposition

933. The ratio of actual cultivated’ area to a total farm area over the year is called __________________?

A. Cropping pattern
B. Cropping intensity
C. Cost benefit ratio
D. Cropping system

934. Plants grown in dry region are_________________?

A. Xerophytes
B. Thermophyts
C. Mesophytes
D. Halophytes

935. Solar energy emitted by sun reaches the earth surface absorbed and returned back in the form of___________________?

A. Infra blue radiation
B. Infra red radiation
C. X rays
D. None of the above

936. Green vegetables are the source of___________________?

A. Biotin
B. Carbohydrates
C. Folate
D. Vitamin

937. A gas produced by anaerobic decomposition of organic compounds is called as_________________?

A. Ethane
B. Methane
C. Ammonia
D. CO2

938. Fumigating and warming soil by covering it with black plastic is called__________________?

A. Mulching
B. Fumigation
C. Soil solarization
D. None of the above

939. Simple plains that lack photosynthesis pigments are called as_________________?

A. Fungi
B. Bacteria
C. Virus
D. None of the above

940. Organisms which feeds on dead and decaying organisms are called as_________________?

A. Saprophytes
B. Halophytes
C. Xerophytes
D. All the above