671. A line shown on a map, drawn between the points of equal levels or heads is called ____________________?

A. Check line
B. Contour line
C. Ordinate line
D. All are correct

672. A reference point on the ground of accurately known position which is a () point of leveling is called ________________?

A. Check point
B. Reference point
C. Control point
D. Fixed point

673. The piles driven in low bearing capacity soil which does not rest on hard rock but bears the coming load due to side resistance is called ________________?

A. Load Bearing
B. Frictional pile
C. Cost-in situ piles
D. All are correct

674. The percentage of the volume of water filled in voids to the total volume of solids of soil grains is called__________________?

A. Void ratio
B. Degree of compaction
C. Degree of saturation
D. Volume of saturation

675. The flow in the river due to the floods may be classified as _____________________?

A. Laminar flow
B. Stream line flow
C. Irrotational flow
D. Turbulent flow

676. An impermeable Formation which neither contains water nor transmits water may be called_____________________?

A. Aquifuge
B. Aquifer
C. Aquiclude
D. Confined-aquifer

677. The delta the total depth of water consumed by crop up to its maturity, the delta of cotton is ____________________?

A. 100 cm
B. 80 cm
C. 50 cm
D. 40 cm

678. The delta the total water depth required by a crop up to its maturity the delta of wheat is _____________________?

A. 60cm
B. 50cm
C. 40 cm
D. 30cm

679. The disposal of sewage by allowing it to flow and Soak into specially leveled farm land for cultivation purpose is called _____________________?

A. Trickle irrigation
B. Border irrigation
C. Broad irrigation
D. Check irrigation

680. The quantity of water lost by transpiration from the plants or crops and evaporation from fields adjacent to these plants is called ___________________?

A. Evapo-transpiration
B. Consumptive use
C. Un-confined water
D. a & b are correct


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