581. The falling drop of rainwater become spherical due to _________________?

A. Surface Tension
B. Compressibility
C. Capillary
D. None of these

582. Piezometer tube is open to both ends mostly used to measure ____________________?

A. Atmospheric pressure
B. gauge pressure
C. Vacuum pressure
D. absolute pressure

583. A flow in which velocity of water particles is same at all sections is called ____________________?

A. Steady flow
B. Uniform flow
C. Compressible flow
D. Laminar flow

584. Flow in which each liquid particle has a definite path is called _____________________?

A. Steady flow
B. uniform flow
C. Laminar flow
D. Transitional flow

585. For a perfect incompressible liquid flowing in a continuous stream, the total energy of a particle remain the same, while the liquid particle move from one point to another this statement is called ___________________?

A. Continuity Equation
B. Pascal s law
C. Bernoulli equation
D. Archimede’s principle

586. The discharge over a rectangular notch is determined by _____________________?

A. 2/3 cd. b (2 gh) 1/2
B. 2/3 cd. B (2g) 1/2 H
C. 2/3 cd. B (2g) 1/2 H3/2
D. 2/3 cd. b (2g) 1/2 H 5/2

587. The total energy line lies over the hydraulic gradient line by an amount equal to________________?

A. v2/2g
B. v2/g
C. v/2g
D. v/g

588. A channel is said lo be of most economical cross section, for a given cross-sectional area and bed slope when it __________________?

A. Gives max. Discharge
B. Has minimum wetted perimeter
C. Involves lesser excavation
D. All of these

589. in most economical Trapezoidal section, half of the Top width is equal to _________________?

A. Bottom width of channel
B. Depth of channel
C. Sloping side of channel
D. None of these

590. if the depth of water in an open channel is greater than the critical depth, the flow is called________________?

A. Critical depth
B. Non-critical flow
C. Sub-critical flow
D. Shooting flow