1201. Walkley and Blacks method of organic matter determination allows recovery of _____% organic carbon content:
A. 74 %
B. 54 %
C. 62.5 %
D. 34%

1202. Process of mixing of soils is known as_________?
A. Gleization
B. Lessivage
C. Laterization
D. The correct option is not present above

1203. Who will decompose organic matter first:
A. Actinomycetes
B. Bacteria
C. Basidiomycetes
D. Fungi imperfecti

1204. Composition of igneous rock is determined by___________?
A. Depth of molten magma
B. Composition of molten magma
C. Both A and B
D. Composition can not be determined.

1205. Which chemical used to prevent evaporation from surface of water in water bodies?
A. Cetyle alcohol
B. Methyle alcohol
C. both A and B
D. None of these