1421. The science which deals with the path of the food in the body is called :

A. Food science
B. Nutrition *
C. Food processing
D. Food technology

1422. Estimated percentage loss of teh world production after harvesting is :

A. 25 *
B. 30
C. 45
D. 60

1423. Food supply can be increased by reducing post harvest losses of :

A. 20-30 %
B. 30-40 %
C. 10-20 % *
D. 40-50 %

1424. All the treatment given to food stuff from the place of production to the point of consumption is called :

A. Food preservation
B. Food processing *
C. Food science
D. Food technology

1425. The application of scientific and engineering principles to extend the shelf life of food and prevent deterioration is knwon as :

A. Food processing
B. Food scince
C. Food technology
D. Food preservation *

1426. Cane sugar is called :

A. Fuctose
B. Sucrose 
C. Maltose
D. Galactose

1427. Sugarcane is an example of :

A. Complex food
B. Simple food *
C. Nutritive food
D. All the above

1428. Meat,Fruits, Vegetables and cereals are example of :

A. Simple food
B. Complex food *
C. Functional food
D. Nutritive food

1429. The science Which deals with food supply, food quality and food safety is called :

A. Food science
B. Food technology *
C. Nutritive food
D. Food processing

1430. Who was the father of canning ?

A. Gay-lussac
B. Nicolas appert *
C. Pearson
D. Louis pasteur