761. Mostly the salt of calcium and Magnesium can not cause ________________?

A. Salinity
B. Alkalinity
C. Poisoning
D. Turbidity

762. The water in swimming pools can be ____________ by using any one from the following, chlorine-ultraviolet rays and bromine t ?

A. Disinfected
B. Infected
C. Cleaned
D. Iodized

763. A digging out of earth to make trench for any engineering purpose is called ______________________?

A. Excavation
B. Cavitations
C. borrow pitting
D. Earth filling

764. Velocity of flow in a sewer must be form ______________ to ?

A. 1 m / sec to 3m/ sec
B. 3m / sec to 4m/ sec
C. 4m / sec to 4.5 ml sec
D. 4.5 ml sec to 5 m/ sec

765. The aeration of water is done to remove _________________?

A. Odour
B. Smell
C. Colour
D. Taste

766. A module or outlet in which discharge is fixed and limited, irrespective fluctuations in water levels in distributary is called _________________?

A. Modular
B. Non-modular
C. Semi-modular
D. Semi – Rigid

767. When the rate of change of discharge of outlet equals the rate of change of discharge of the channel, the out let is called __________________?

A. Sensitive
B. Flexible
C. Proportional
D. Non-flexible

768. When the high flood level of the drain is sufficiently below the bed of the Canal that the drainage water flows freely under gravity, such structure is called___________________?

A. Aqueduct
B. Syphon-aqueduct
C. Cross-Drainage
D. Non-gravity structure

769. When FSL of the canal is sufficiently above the bed level of drainage so that canal flows under syphonis action, the structure is called _____________________?

A. Super passage
B. Syphon – Aqueduct
C. Canal-syphon
D. Aqueduct

770. An open cut given in a canal bank, suitably protected by stone pitching to the upland drainage water into the canal is called ___________________?

A. Inlet
B. Out let
C. entrance
D. Mixing

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