1381. Bolting refers to inflorescence in :

A. Sugarcane
B. Sugar beet
C. Potato
D. Sweet potato
E. None of these *

1382. Sericulture is the study of :

A. Silkworm *
B. Lac insect
C. Honey bee
D. Spike
E. None of these

1383. Which one is not the source of phosphorus ?

A. Nitro-phosphorus
E. None of these *

1384. CLCV is a major disease of :

A. Com
B. Cotton *
C. Wheat
D. Citrus

1385. International maize and wheat improvement centre (C1MMYT) has its headquarters in :

A. Switzerland
B. France
D. Mexico *
E. None of these

1386. In plants assimilates are translocated in the form of :

A. Glucose
B. Fructose
C. Sucrose
D. Amylose
E. None of these *

1387. Delta of water for wheat is :

A. 12 acre inches
B. 16 acre inches
C. 19 acre inches
D. 24 acre inches
E. None of these *

1388. Relative proportion of different soil particles is known as :

A. Soil Structure
B. Soil texture *
C. Soil profile
D. Soil tilth
E. None of these

1389. Tension meter is used for the determination of:

A. Soil moisture *
B. Soil minerals
C. Plant moisture
D. Soil-organic matter
E. None of thse

1390. Kajli is a famous breed of :

A. Sheep *
B. Goat
C. Cow
D. Buffalo
E. None of these