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371. Iocomotary movement of an organ towards a stimulus, but stimulus does not control direction of the movement is_________________?

A. Kinesis
B. Orthokinesis
C. Uniokineses
D. Hydrokinesis

372. Locomotion in response to touch is_________________?

A. Chemokinesis
B. Stereokinesis
C. Hydrokinesis
D. Klinokinesis

373. Fast acting pheromones and called__________________?

A. Releasers
B. Primers
C. Semiochemicals
D. Allelochemicals

374. Chemicals, which transmit the chemical message, to individual of various species_________________?

A. Semio chemicals
B. Allelo chemicals
C. Primers
D. Releasers

375. It is the tendency of a plant to escape infestation is known as________________?

A. Plant resistance
B. Resistance
C. Pest avoidance
D. Tolerance

376. Juvenile hormone ensures_______________?

A. Causes moulting
B. Larval organism is to be made after moulting
C. Maintains immature forms during larval moults
D. 2nd and 3rd both

377. What is the function of carbohydrates enzymes in insects____________________?

A. Sugar breakers
B. Fat and oil breakers
C. Protein breakers
D. Oxygen breakers

378. Which enzyme responsible for the break down of fat and oil__________________?

A. Carbohydrates
B. Lipases
C. Proteases
D. non of theses

379. Type of reproduction in which young ones Produced form unfertilized eggs is________________?
A. Parthenogenesis
B. Pacdogenesis
C. Vtviparity
D. Polyenibryony
380. Type of reproduction in which two or more individuals are produced from a single egg____________________?
A. Viviparity
B. Polyembryony
C. Paedogenesis
D. Parthenogenesis

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