941. The Indus basin irrigation system has__________________?

A. 11 Barrages
B. 19 Barrages
C. 25 Barrages
D. 41 Barrages

942. Field capacity and permanent wilting point are different indifferent_______________?

A. Crops
B. Soils
C. Seasons
D. Regions

943. Losses of soil moisture vapour form is called as_________________?

A. Evaporation
B. Transpiration
C. Translocation
D. Both A and B

944. The actual amount H2O present in the air is called_____________?

A. Relative humidity
B. Absolute humidity
C. Both A and B
D. non of these

945. The crops which are grown to reduce the soil erosion and natural losses by leaching is known as______________?

A. Companion crops
B. Cover crops
C. Mixed crops
D. Ratooning crops

946. Sugar beet belongs to family ?

A. Poaceae
B. Cucurbitaceae
C. Chenopodiaceae
D. non of these

947. PASSCO stands for_______________?

A. Pakistan Agriculture Sugar Supplies Corporation
B. Pakistan Agriculture Seed Supplies Corporation
C. Pakistan Agriculture Service Supplies Corporation
D. non of these

948. When the course of water is blocked at some places if is called___________________?

A. Lake
B. Dam
C. River
D. Head works

949. Which province the only source of income is livestock grazing in range lands_______________?

A. Punjab
C. Balochistan
D. Sindhi

950. Hot with a cool winter is___________________?

A. Temperature
B. Arid
C. Subtropical
D. None of the above