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61. Gummosis is the disease of_________________?

A. Mango
B. Guava
C. Citrus (Lemon)
D. none

62. Blast disease is an international disease of________________?

A. Wheat
B. Sugarcane
C. Cotton
D. rice

63. Organo-chlorine insecticides includes___________________?

B. Aldrin and Diehydrin
C. Aindone and Heptachlor
D. All the above

64. The insecticides with longest residual effect belongs to___________________?

A. Pyrethroid
B. Carbamates
C. Organo-chlorine
D. Organio-phosphate

65. Formulation or insecticides is__________________?

A. Dust
C. Granular
D. Fungiments

66. The economic injury level for white fly is________________?

A. 1-2 nymphs/leaf
B. 2-3 nymphs/leaf
C. 3-4 nymphs/leaf
D. 1 nymphs/leaf

67. The entrance point for air in insects are known as _________________?

A. Trachea
B. Spines
C. Secretion
D. Nervous system

68. Pathogen is_________________?

A. Fungi which cause disease
B. Any bacteria which causes disease
C. Any virus which causes disease
D. Any organism which causes disease

69. Root knot disease is caused by___________________?

A. Fungi
B. Nematodes
C. Virus
D. Bacteria

70. Fungi damage our crops by_________________?

A. Producing toxic substances in plants
B. Destroying green pigment of plant
C. feeding on flowers and fruits
D. Absorption of nutrients from plant tissues


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