661. The hydraulic structures like dams, barrages constructed on permeable foundations are likely to fail due to ___________________?

A. Piping
B. Crushing
C. Sliding
D. All the above

662. The meandering pattern of a river is developed by ____________________?

A. Average discharge
B. Dominant discharge
C. Maximum discharge
D. Critical discharge

663. For a flood control reservoirs, the effective storage is equal to ___________________?

A. Useful storage – valley storage
B. Useful storage + surcharge storage
C. Useful storage + surcharge storage
D. Useful storage + surcharge storage -valley storage

664. When the fluid properties do not change with time, it is a ___________ flow?

A. Steady
B. Uniform
C. Unsteady
D. Non-Uniform

665. The precipitation that falls during the growing season of the crop is called__________________?

A. Useful rain fall
B. Direct rain fall
C. Monsoon rain fall
D. all are correct

666. The season that starts from 1st April and end on 30th September and run for 183 days is called _____________________?

A. Kharif season
B. Rabi season
C. Rice season
D. Cotton season

667. A hydraulic jump to dissipate energy when flow is __________________?

A. Critical flow
B. Shooting flow
C. Streaming flow
D. Turbulent flow

668. Art of mixing saline water with fresh water in accordance with some ratio for irrigation purpose is called _________________?

A. Amalgamation
B. Mixing of water
C. Desalinization
D. All are correct

669. Art of making saline water fit for irrigation and drinking through the processes of membrane technique and reverse osmosis is called ___________________?

A. Desalinization
B. Water application
C. Water mixing
D. All are correct

670. Presently percentage of area irrigation to that of total cultivated area in our country is __________________?

A. 80%
B. 60%
C. 40%
D. 27%


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